How do I change the height or width of the map?

You can add a parameter to the shortcode.¬†Example…

[google_map map_id="123" height="300px" width="450px"/]

You can pass either height, width, or both. Make sure you assign a unit to your values (px or %). The default values are height=”500px”, width=”100%”.


Does the plugin work with all major browsers?

Yes. It even works with IE 7 & later.


Does the plugin work with WP multi sites?

Yes, but do not “network activate”. Only activate on each individual site. The reason is that default setting need to be set for each site and we do this on activation.


Will this plugin work on WordPress versions older than 3.5?

It is not recommended or tested on older version, because it utilizes the new media uploaded/chooser that was part of the WordPress 3.5 upgrade?


Does the plugin come with any marker images?

Yes. We include a small set of marker images (see below). You can find these in your media manager after installing the plugin. Look for the “Map Markers” link in the upper left of the media manager. You can also download free map markers from numerous sites across the internet. We are also trying to add more markers with each update.


Can I use my own markers?

Yes. you have the ability to use any image in your media library or upload a new image.